Monday, September 06, 2010

On Our Way to Greece and the Dalmatian Coast

Today, we're off on another journey - this time to Greece and the Dalmatian Coast (i.e. the Balkans). The families of many of our friends originally came from Croatia so we have received lots of advice about what to see, what to eat, and especially, what to drink.

This is a Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic trip like our trip to Egypt and Jordan last year. Not a luxury cruise; more an expedition with lecturers and visits to lots of historical sites. (I hope we visit some "historic" wineries, pastry shops, and restaurants.)

After a few days in Athens, we board our boat (not big enough to be called a ship). 175' long, three masted sailing vessel that holds 44 passengers. Yes, it also has an engine. We're not planning to climb the mast, operate the winches for the sails, and clean the bilge. It looks modern, luxurious, and comfy.

Been reading some travel and history books about Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia, and Croatia. Looks like we're going to see a LOT of old ruins in Greece. Maybe not as old as some of the stuff we saw in Egypt, but still old.

The Balkan countries seem to have been invaded and ruled by nearly everyone over the years. I think we'll be seeing quite a few old forts, castles, and churches, as well as a lot of beautiful scenery.

Here's a map of our itinerary:

Of course, this means another opportunity to traverse the "third world" international terminal at LAX. What a terrible facility! Seriously, we've traveled to over 50 countries around the world and this rates as the third worst airport terminal I can remember (Delhi's international terminal is the worst, followed closely by Yangon (Rangoon), Burma).

We're flying Lufthansa to Frankfurt, then connecting to Athens. I hope they take good care of our luggage. I'm bringing along a "six pack" of wine to drink at dinner on the boat.

More to follow when we get to Athens.

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